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Digital Marketing

Winning Strategies


Marketing and Financial strategies focusing on ROI increases by aligning internal business departments with innovative Atmosify synergy CRM. 

Atmosify intelletrics are advanced yet simplified metrics that ensure all departments of a firm align with the business mission statement and revenue generation objectives.

Digital Insights


State of the art invaluable insights into how leading companies are innovating for their customers and how best your firm can readily become a global leader in it's industry with our innovation.  

Atmosify finds your business atmosphere and focuses on ensuring this is the space that is where all internal departments are aligned with our patented atmosify insights. 

Global Network


Atmosify is world class innovation for sales and marketing leads which will build your business network and client base. 

The opportunity to obtain clients and customers with global firms and top corporations is why Atmosify is the global business leads solutions leader.

Our quality of leads and revenue generation closed loop model is what separates us from the rest. 

Chief Marketing Officer Insights (2019)

Insights from the office of the CMO and Marketing Strategists 

Atmosify is CMO Innovation


Atmosify Campaigns (AC)

Atomisfy interprets where your business has the most profitable leads come from and how to optimize your channel mix to maximize ROI. 

We are the demand generation leaders and understand performance in terms of revenue generation being the objective of digital marketing campaigns. 


Atmosify Machine Learning System (AMLS)

Atomosify provides firm leaders complete flexibility in reporting and tracking setup, avoiding complicated implementation for multi-touch attribution and first-touch tracking. 

Get forecasts based on highly detailed revenue data and run what-if scenarios to see revenue impact on channel mix changes. 


Atmosify Advanced Insights (AAI) System

Atmosify Advanced Insights directly yields solutions for revenue that are understood for net margins to increase.

We determine how many sales and marketing leads must be produced to meet an increase in revenue goals by working intimately with partners to determine the average sale price and close rates of current department and align this strategy to fit the overall model.



Marketing Strategy

The Process


Atmosify will initially perform a comprehensive evaluation to identify gaps in communication, department internal metric differences, and revenue opportunities missed for an intimate Atmosify Synergy Report (ASR).  Synergy solutions are provided for internal departmental alignment under the business revenue objectives.

We provide each department a specialized Atmosify Intellitrics ledger with goals that aligns with the firm's individual department goals. We believe in keeping all sectors of firms motivated to perform and execute with our advanced strategic intelligence in finance, operations, sales, data security, and marketing for world class synergy to influence a larger shift in the business revenue capture and CMO solutions across departments.


Atmosify Intellitrics (AI) for Sales, Marketing, Ops, Info Sec, and Finance are generated to fit the business needs by focusing on the standardization of metrics across the different business departments; synergy. Atmosify Intellitrics effectively provide actionable insights to quickly establish strategic maneuvers to best accomplish revenue goals. 

Intellitrics are provided to a firm's  C-Suite, key decision makers, and strategists; or if you're a small company, the Founder. Atmosify ensures the Intellitrics generated in real time and organically evolving with different daily shifts in business decisions made universally understood and fit the business vision for substantial revenue generation. 

Atmosify launches a state of the art global waterfall report for detailing daily progress against determined (AI) goal over the period of time you set, though it's typically a month. We provide our partners with a step-by-step interface to create a waterfall report template of preference that matches the current firm CRM. 

Atmosify then works with teams to readily present reports everyone fully understands and stays aligned to the goals set forth.  

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The Atmosify Launchpad (ALP) is our state of the art cloud computing software provided to clients which creates reports automatically using the goal specific metrics the user inputs in the system. 

The waterfall reporting and ALP reports generated is easily shared with the Marketing, Sales, Finance, Ops, Infosec, and Admin teams on a regular basis, and analyzed by our system to quickly provided what caused spikes or dips along the way. 

Our employee engagement interface system focusing on communication and department alignment is second to none.  


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