Business and Brand Synergy

Department Synergy



Synergy is what happens when business interactions align for the greater purpose of business growth. 

If you expect your business to thrive, it’s important that one does not mistake technology (efficiency) for synergy- as that is machine and system synergy; not business synergy.  

Technology is a catalyst for synergy by revealing important information- but firms still have to process that information with staff across departments to understand this data uniformly. 

Strategy Alignment



Synergy implies human interaction. It’s important to recognize the way technology has changed business. 

It is imperative to know why this means the human component is more important than ever. 

Atmosify provides this with our state of the art platform allowing businesses to have state of the art synergy amongst strategists, C-Suite leaders, and general staff.

Business Success



Atmosify provides firms start critical insights about their business. 

Atmosify has developed ways to share information for firms with their staff internally. 

Our system implements a collaborative forum for sharing information, setting regular meetings with teams using our cloud communication platform, as well as a gamification system for sales teams and business plans for vertical alignment.  

Bottom line: human capital holds far greater potential for business success than the tools used to operate it. 

Your staff was hired for a reason, Atmosify is the solution to engage them in process, collaborate productively, and be empowered for greater corporate outcomes.

Our Partners



Sustainable Revenue



If business continues to grow faster than sustainable revenue, it runs out of the resources needed and ends up financing corporate growth and current operations. 

This results in financing at higher interest rates and thus leads to a longer time for the break-even point to be recognized 

Balance Sheet Resources



A business consumes balance sheet resources faster than these resources can be replenished.  

Atmosify is the solution to ensuring this is not an issue and for it maximizing reservoirs that provide more resources for higher sustainable revenue for greater business growth

Sustainable Revenue



Don’t stay in second gear with your foot on the accelerator. 

Atmosify calculates and helps firms understand their sustainable revenue growth. 

This is why Atmosify is globally recognized for being the leader in  business revenue generation- regardless of industry. 

Marketing Success

Market Power Recognition


Atmosify provides the price a firm can expect to receive for any given amount of output that it brings to market or the amount it can expect to sell for any price that it chooses to set. 

Atmosify intellitrics show the market opportunities of  leads and prospects in a specific industry to readily capture and recognized revenue from. 

Atmosify provides these metrics with synergy set to readily dominate the market atmosphere of your industry.  

Revenue Power Recognition



Atmosify measures the response of quantity demanded of a good to a change in the price of that good. 

Atmosify accounts for the change in the quantity demanded divided by the percentage change in the price by understanding price increases (the change in the price is positive), quantity decreases (the change in the quantity is negative).

Atmosify provides this as part of our intelletrics for standardized synergy to for all divisions of the firm. 

Atmosify Advantage



  • Atmosify tells a firm how much output it can sell at different prices.
  • Atmosify provides percentage change in quantity divided by the percentage change in the prices.
  • Atmosify provides insight in changes in total revenue from a change in the quantity sold.

Atmosify is  the global solution to generate revenue.

Business Insights and Synergy Solutions